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What causes stress in children?

  • Family dysfunction
  • Divorce or family breakdown
  • Mental illness (or personality disorder) in either or both parents, or in a sibling
  • Learning difficulties
  • Any kind of move, especially immigration
  • Loss of any kind, especially loss of a parent but including loss of a sibling, close relative, friend or pet
  • Difficulties with friendships and peer group
  • Alcoholism or drug addiction in a parent or close family member
  • Perfectionistic attitudes, high standards in relation to school-work
  • Birth of a sibling and sibling rivalry
  • Aggressive, violent and unpredictable behaviour in a parent
  • Very strict and rigid parenting
  • Exposure to trauma such a highjacking, natural disasters or armed robbery
  • Physical illness, either acute or chronic, in the child or a close family member
  • Overscheduling and excessive demands at school or at home
  • Changes in the home or school environment
  • Re-marriage of a parent or other changes in the family unit
  • Physical or mental disabilities