About Jenny Perkel

Jenny Perkel is a Cape Town based clinical psychologist in private practice.

She offers psychotherapy – usually from a broadly psychoanalytical perspective – with parents, infants, children, teenagers and adults.

Jenny Perkel is a clinical psychologist specializing in infant, child and adolescent mental health. She offers online and in-person consultations to parents and care-givers who are concerned about their children’s emotional, mental, social and behavioral problems. Her focus is on clinical child psychology in the context of today’s complex and ever-changing world.

Jenny has been working in clinical practice since 1996. She is trained to work across many different theoretical paradigms, with a particular focus on a psychodynamic, object relations perspective. Nowadays she incorporates other theoretical models as well, leaning more towards the framework that is best suited to the person with whom she is working.

Jenny is the author of the books Children in Mind and Babies in Mind. Her writing is informed by recent evidence-based research in psychology, epidemiology, neurobiology, and genetics. Her other publications include academic book chapters, professional journal articles, numerous articles for parenting magazines and her Psychology Today blog entitled 21st-Century Childhood. She is on the editorial board of the professional journal, Psychoanalytic Practice. She is a member and past chairperson of the Cape Town Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Group and an active member of the South African Association for Infant Mental Health.