Children in Mind - the book

Children in Mind, the book, is about child and adolescent psychology and it focusses on the world in which children are growing up in the twenty-first century.

The book is informed by evidence-based research including findings related to neurobiology and genetics. It is positioned within a broadly psychoanalytical theoretical framework. To order a copy of Children in Mind, click here.

The book includes a discussion of:

  • Excessive use of screens, social media and the internet
  • Extreme pressure and stress with regards to achievement and success
  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children
  • Alienation from nature and the outdoors, restricted movement and insufficient freedom
  • Adversity and trauma including early toxic stress, exposure to violence, dysfunctional family relationships, parents with mental disorders, physical and sexual abuse, early separation from parents
  • Poverty and distress that arises out of lower socio economic circumstances
  • Parenting attitudes and approaches including discipline and punishment
  • High conflict divorce
  • Modern families in their many different forms

The primary focus of this book is modern and updated clinical child psychology and the relationship between this and the context in which today’s children are being raised. It is for both the general public and for academic purposes. It is designed to form part of the training (undergraduate and postgraduate) of all professionals who will work with childhood mental health – including psychologists (clinical, educational and counseling), as well as social workers, social scientists, occupational therapists, counselors, nurses, medical doctors and educators at all different levels. In addition to being offered as part of academic training, the book will also be suitable for these professionals long after their training is completed.