What is Children in Mind?

Children in Mind is clinical child psychology in today’s world. Mental, behavioural and emotional problems in children and adolescents have escalated in recent times. Some research has suggested that today’s children are more unhappy and anxious than they used to be.

Children and teenagers are growing up in a very different world to the one in which most of us were raised. Today’s world is digital, fast-paced, unstable, socio-economically diverse and alienated from nature. Children – and most adults as well – spend a lot of their time in front of a screen. We are the first generation of parents, health professionals, therapists and educators that are having to navigate the complicated path of raising children in the age of the internet and smartphones.

Children’s developing minds are deeply influenced by the environment in which they are being raised. In addition to all the stress that today’s world brings, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted child mental health in so many different ways, depending on context and circumstances. One of the consequences of COVID-19 is that some children have become more clingy to their parents – most often their mothers. They have also become more psychologically regressed. Their experience of safety appears to have been altered.